Swimming in Acronyms

INSET     OfSTED     LSA     PSHE     ITT     BSD     TA     PPW     LOL     SOW     CPD     QTS     EYFS      T&L     SEN     LDO    NQT     AfL     LA     SLT     EAP     SENco     IEP     SOE     BfL     APP     LEA     DfE     HMI     DBS     EAL     HOD     KS     PPA     FSM     G&T     SIMs     CRB     TTA

One thing about being thrown into the deep end, it means you either sink or swim.

The teaching profession is awash with acronyms; it is just a little bit (read: incredibly) overwhelming. It seems that you can’t get through two sentences without a few capital letters showing up, leaving you unsure of what to do/ where to go/ who to speak to next. It’s the kryptonite of new teachers, the one thing that can give you away, the one thing that reveals you have no idea what you are doing…

While I’m swimming in this great sea of alphabet soup, I can only hope that I will surface soon. The letters keep rearranging in a jumble of non-sensical sounds which never stand still for long enough to become lodged in my brain and take on meaning…

Let’s hope that this haze will lift soon and my disguise as someone who knows what they’re doing is safe. Until then, I will follow Dorey’s advice and “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!