Hump Day

Wednesday is the hump day of the week. Today is the hump day of Autumn Term 1. Finally, we are closer to the joys of half-term than we are from the memories of Summer; and thank goodness for that.

It’s not that I am not enjoying myself – I’ve really found my calling – but the thought of having a whole week without a 5:30am alarm, a whole week without the joys of public transport commuting, a whole week to catch up on series and eat a proper breakfast, a whole week without detentions and hormonal children, a whole week to myself… It’s kind of a good thought.

I consider myself a fairly organised person and blame my borderline OCD on my father; a wonderful man with a strong affinity for stationery, labels and systematic filing. One of my promises to myself was to use this preference for organisation to keep on top of things at the start of my teaching career – I spent time gutting all the junk and paperwork out my classroom, invested in some new filing pockets and thought about how and where I wanted things stored in my room. Unfortunately, I did not factor in the realities of teaching – 24 hours a day is simply not enough time! Forget eating, sleeping and keeping a basic level of hygiene; my first 4 weeks have been a non-stop blur of lesson plans, marking, after-school meetings, marking, detentions, calling parents, marking, homework, delivering lessons and have I mentioned the marking?! Whilst my pre-thought out filing system and routines have helped somewhat, I have developed a coping strategy of “this is important but I can live without out until half-term” and my magical second draw is now home to several tons of paper…

Half-term is a wonderful excuse to prove my existence with friends, clean my flat properly, catch up with my family, eat 3 proper meals a day, drink wine on week nights and sleep in later than the sun. It is, however, also the perfect opportunity to get on top of my planning, filing, marking etc and shake the feeling of the day-to-day catch up which has been hanging over my head since, I don’t know, day 2?…

Only 4 weeks to go!