What Teachers Make

It’s becoming more and more real everyday  – in just one month’s time I am going to be a full-time teacher in charge of and responsible for hundreds of school-going children. Oh dear. I’m not sure who should be more afraid, me or them…

Of course, preparing to be a teacher is not just about making sure you have the right subject knowledge or knowing the various teaching pedagogy out there – there’s a host of other decisions you need to make. Where are you going to live? How will you get to work? Do you need to change you wardrobe/ hair/ appearance in any way? Sadly, this is the part where it all gets a bit tricky – as I’m sure you know, teaching is not a profession renowned for its great salaries. We do, however, make something… I can’t quite say it as well as Taylor Mali, so here it is:

There is also a great cartoon of this available from Zen Pencils.