Teaching is an occupational hazard. Almost every day something happens and I can’t help but think, “Surely this doesn’t happen in other professions?”

The other day, I walked into the strangest scene unfolding in the ICT suite. Two of my colleagues were bent over  a chair; the one in hysterics, the other slightly less than amused. Beckoned over, I approached the chair with caution and followed the instruction to “Just sniff this quickly,” with hesitation. That’s right, the chair had the unmistakeable whiff of urine. The second teacher proceeded to explain that she had only been working in the room for the last 10 minutes or so, and when she got up to fetch something from the printer she felt like her pants were a bit damp. Curiously, she went back to chair she had been sitting on to see if there was something odd about the fabric and upon closer inspection she noticed the smell… Unfortunately, at some point that morning, or possibly the day before, some poor child had obviously wet themselves whilst in the ICT suite and not told the supervising teacher leaving my colleague an unfortunate present! Luckily for her, she had a spare outfit that she could change into to avoid smelling like wee the whole day; rather her than me!

A day later I went outside for break duty and had my nose assaulted by a very poignant smell permeating the air outside… I shunned my immediate thoughts as to the origin of the smell and blamed by obviously faulty brain on a lack of sleep the previous night. A few minutes later, a colleague joined me – did the same double-take as I did and came to check with me… We tried to ignore the smell and just get on with our duty. In the staff meeting later that day, our concerns were confirmed – there were definitely strong traces of weed floating through the school the whole day, most probably coming from the secondary school next door and the police would be coming that afternoon to check it out.

Wee or weed – take your pick. Me? I’m just waiting to see what’s next!


A penny for your thoughts?

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