Teach First

It’s official – I am going to be a real teacher! Qualified and all!

The process has been a long one with lots of jumping through holes and paperwork – but I have recently received the final thumbs up and thought I’d share the news!

I will be starting Teach First in June 2013, a 2 year programme based in the UK which aims to address educational disadvantage. Over the course of the next two years, I will be attaining my PGCE qualifications as a secondary school maths teacher whilst working at a disadvantaged school somewhere in the London region.

Teach First is a rigorous programme which targets top graduates and places them in schools which need them most. Participants, such as myself, start with 6 weeks intensive training over the Summer (this term refers more to the time of year than the actual weather!). A few weeks holiday in August is the only reprieve before starting with an 80% timetable in September. The first year promises to be a crazy one with full-time teaching, university assignments, constant observations and a difficult educational environment. However, at the end of the first year, participants walk away with a PGCE qualification from a top UK university and a remarkable sense of making a difference. Participants continue at the same school for their second year which doubles as their NQT  year, an important year in the life of a teacher. At the end of that year, participants have the choice of pursuing their masters in education, continuing to teach or choosing another path.

All in all, I am both looking forward to and petrified of the challenge ahead. The next few weeks/ months promise to be a tumultuous time in my life – new skills, new friends, new times…

There are many more of these available on YouTube, but watch this for a taste of what Teach First is all about!