Bagless In Bruges

Thanks to the Schengen Visas secured earlier this year and some visiting parents; we spent this last weekend in Belgium – land of chocolate and beer. What a winning combination.

The Eurostar is this magical invention that makes travelling across the channel as simple as can be; it is sometimes necessary to consciously remind myself that I am still travelling overseas – a concept that was previously associated with airports and 10+ hour trips. M and I raced from our respective work places to meet at Kings Cross International Station with little time to spare, a quick hello and ticket check was then interrupted by the startlingly reality that we seemed to have misplaced the bag in the process… Or, more accurately, he had. At this stage there is little we can do about it except imagine the fate our bag is meeting when found standing alone in the middle of a tube carriage – can anyone say bomb scare?

Oh well, can’t let a misplaced bag ruin a great weekend and we met M’s parents in Brussels with laughter in our eyes. Day 1 was spent exploring Bruges, a picturesque little village of a town with 50 odd swans roaming free and a series of quaint canals. We drank beer and soaked in the beauty of the place, we took a trip on the canal and ogled chocolate upon chocolate, we strolled the cobbled streets and listened to the clip-clop of the horse and cart alongside us… Day 2 was spent exploring a different town and a different side of Belgium history – we drove across to Ieper and took a tour of the Western Front. We faced the horrors of WW1 and took a moment to remember the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people who lost their lives so tragically. We visited the spot where John McCrae wrote In Flanders Fields (previously mentioned here) and we marveled the brutality of mankind as well as the sadness at knowing the memory of such a terrible war is not enough to prevent acts of war and terror occurring daily across the world.

All in all, a worthwhile and memorable trip! Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

PS – We found our bag!


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