Valentine’s Day

Ok, I’ll admit it. I am a sucker for all things romance; and much to the disdain of my loved one, Valentine’s Day is another thing that’s landed in my basket of “perfectly romantic things I cannot ever give up!”.

At school, we decided to mark the occasion by giving a quick lesson on Saint Valentine and some historical background to Valentine’s Day followed up with some card making in Art. Obviously, being 8, we expected most of these cards to be targeted to moms and dads with maybe the odd sibling or grandparent getting lucky. However, it turns out several children in our class are far more ‘advanced’ than I was at that age – forget coo-dies, this is the age of luurve!

Fervent whispering continued throughout the lesson as children encouraged each other (“Use the pink felt, her favourite colour is pink“) or teased each other (“You like him!”) and frantically tried to create a card which cute and romantic and sentimental and… Hang on, they’re 8 – other than who the card was going to, they were only concerned that they had spelt ‘Valentine’ correctly.

Anyway, opportunity arose when one of the girls left the classroom to go to the bathroom and in an act of dexterity and speed I have yet to see, one of the boy’s grabbed her card and read it aloud to the whole class in a bout of hysteria:

Dear _____

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am glad that we are friends!

Love ______

A harmless card, not intending to offend or attract, suddenly turned into a weapon of massive destruction. At least to an 8 year old. The intended receiver scorned the reader and told the whole class that he would throw the card in the bin if he received it. The unsuspecting girl returned at this point to an out-of-control classroom where she was caught up to speed by some friendly (and not-so-friendly) classmates. Needless to say, she donned her brave face and gave him the card at the end of the day which he promptly tossed into the closest dustbin.

Love is tough; and when you’re young and not quite sure whether to hate or like someone, it’s even more confusing.

As for me, I was spoilt – a beautiful bouquet of roses and lilies, dinner, and tickets to Wicked! A fantastic evening and a perfectly romantic day.


A penny for your thoughts?

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