A Winter’s Day

London has been pretty cold lately. I’m talking multiple socks, ear muffs, gloves, scarves doubling as balaclavas, blue lips cold. There’s even been some snow! I haven’t managed to see any yet, but it’s coming down in some places and there are pictures on Facebook to prove it.

Coming from South Africa, I don’t really have the appropriate clothing (or shoes) to survive the winter without feeling like a constant victim of hypothermia. Unfortunately, working as an unqualified teacher, I’m not really in a financial position to rectify this problem either. Between the multiple clothing layers, hot water bottles, the radiators, and lots of hot tea; I am managing without too much drama. But the daily, hour-long, playground duty sessions are killing me.

The voice of my mother rings in my ears “Put your jersey on, you’re making me cold!”. A comment which never made sense to me when I was 8 now lies heavy on my lips, desperate to shout to all the children running around only in their school shirts. How they don’t freeze at play time I just don’t know (or don’t remember). Everyday I change my shoes for my wellies, grab my gloves, cover my head with hat and ear muffs and make my way outside to supervise. I do what I can to stay warm, join in with catch and piggy-in-the-middle and skipping and football – but none of it seems to keep me warm enough and the half hour after lunch time is spent trying to thaw!

With temperatures continuing to drop and whispers of a white Christmas ahead, it looks like a shopping expedition is on the cards.


A penny for your thoughts?

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