Silent Night

For those of you who have never had the misfortune of hearing me sing, I’m pretty much tone-deaf. Like, I’m the kid who wasn’t allowed to sing and had to play the triangle in junior school kind of tone-deaf. That said, I love to sing – in the shower, driving my car, walking home, in my room, wherever really. I think music is a beautiful thing.

Once a week, at school, all the Key Stage 2 children gather for Hymn Practice and I belt out all the old favourites along with the kids. It’s fun, makes me smile, and is a great way to start the morning! This time of year is particularly great because all the Christmas carols are doing the rounds and nobody can resist a good run at “The Little Drummer Boy” or “Hark! the Heralds Angels”. 

This week was different. This week a beautiful rendition of “Silent Night” made me stop opening my mouth and releasing off-key noises at inappropriately timed intervals, and just listen. The first chorus of the carol was sung first in English before being repeated twice – once in Portuguese and once in Spanish. During the hymn, a scattering of children throughout the room signed the meaning of the song. It was truly a heartwarming moment. 120 children from various backgrounds and of differing nationalities united for one moment in perfect harmony. It didn’t matter that only a few children can speak Portuguese or Spanish fluently, nor did it matter that no-one in our school is deaf; it was simply using music to make magic.

We plan on practising this one for the Carol Service. I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Silent Night

  1. that sounds magical! and i sing everywhere even though i really can’t sing and sometime people in other rooms rush in, thinking i’m calling out in pain… music just equals joy, you know?

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