I know I have mentioned this a few times before; but the education system in South Africa is not looking too healthy. In fact, many are starting to argue that is has all but collapsed. If you watch the news at all, or follow the latest tweets and Facebook updates, it appears there is a lot of negative feelings towards the country right now. This kind of makes me sad. South Africa is my home. She taught me tolerance, forgiveness, hope, and unity. South Africa has spunk, she has sass, and she has got to keep going.

Today I stumbled upon this article from a website which aims to deliver the good, inspiring news from home which is often lost to political, social, and economic dramas. The short story is that there are people who recognise the difficulties facing our education system who do more than just complain on Facebook – they are trying to do something about it. SAS has developed an internet resource aimed at boosting the mathematics and science abilities of school children in South Africa, for free. There are resources for teachers and for students, and it’s one more puzzle piece to help bridge the gap. Of course there are the (not so) minor problems such as teacher’s who are not computer literate or lack of access to computers and internet for students – but it’s a start, and I’m trying really hard to focus on the positive here. This seems like a good initiative and I would be really interested to follow its progress in the next few years to see how it does on the ground, and not just on paper. And who knows, maybe people will be inspired to stop complaining and start doing. D-d-d-doing.

In the words of a wise friend,”COME ON SOUTH AFRICA, pull yourself towards yourself and sort your ish out!!”

Click here to see more of my wise friend’s words and views on social dynamics in South Africa.

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