I have never celebrated Halloween before. This might be a bit strange to some people, but it’s not really a thing back home in SA. I guess a little part of me is sad that I never got to dress up and go trick-or-treating, but because no-one else was really doing it I don’t feel like I lost all that much. Needless to say, with all the Halloween hype in London – this year was different.

At school, we devoted the last day of the term to all things Halloween – we baked bat shaped cookies, we watched “scary” films, we wrote eerie poems, and we completed ghostie and ghoulie¬†activities. It was fun. I was even given some pumpkin shaped chocolates as a gift from one of the parents – yum.

At home, we have decorated our lounge and kitchen with bats and cobwebs and spiders (I don’t like those). We had a mini house-warming/ Halloween party; and I am quite tempted to keep the decorations up as long as we can get away with it. I have seen carved and lit jack-o’-lanterns in various windows, children dressed up as queens and kings dragging their parents through the streets, and all manner of sweets and decorations shaped as ghosts, bats, and spiders. It has been a fascinating cultural experience.

I think that next year I might have to get more dressed up than just a subtle vampire bite on my neck. And I’m definitely going to try my hand at pumpkin carving – although I have it on good authority that this is more difficult than one would think. Or at least more difficult than I thought. In the mean time, I will just settle on keeping my bats up until I exchange them for a Christmas tree.

Happy Halloween.


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