Nobody enjoys being sick. Sniffly nose, razor blade throat, tired eyes, feeling sorry for yourself… Sounds like a party. I don’t do sick very well; I revert back to a primitive state of whiny voice, pay-me-attention, lying in bed with the plague.

Something you forget from your own days in the classroom, is just how often children get sick. Not dying from the plague sick, but sniffly nose and sticky hands ALL OVER THE PLACE sick. Every day there is another child sniffling, coughing, blowing their nose, and not washing their hands properly.

Inevitably, after several weeks surrounded by these aforementioned children the foreign germs launched their attack and I have spent the last 48 hours tucked up in bed with a never-ending supply of tea and trashy series feeling extremely sorry for myself. In all fairness to me, this has turned out not to be one of my melodramatic moments and I am legitimately ill. This is probably my first real bout of flu since becoming a functioning member of society and I have subsequently discovered two things which really suck about being sick as an adult.

1. When you are sick as an adult, no-one really cares. I remember being sick when I was in primary school; the tea and Marmite toast brought to me in bed, the hugs and the loves, the getting to select the TV programme to watch. It almost romanticised being ill. Somewhere in amongst the twenty-something birthdays, nobody told me that this all stops when you’re old enough to pay your own tax. Some credit to the wonderful man in my life, there have been offers of tea and meals in bed, but at the end of the day – it’s just me and my flu!

2. Skipping school is not really an option when you’re an adult. This week, we’ve had 2 kids off of school for one or more days with no warning – one day they are running around the playground making noise, and one day they’re at home “sick”. My own flu has been slowly mounting since the middle of the week, I have been sneaking off whenever possible to overdose on the multitude of drugs I carry in my handbag and by Friday afternoon – I had no voice. I’m still pretty sick, but missing school tomorrow is not really an option.

As winter approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, wet and murky conditions provide the perfect breeding ground for the flu bug – many of which I am not familiar with at the best of times. I normally stay away from medication and the like unless absolutely necessary; but I think a flu jab this year might be in order. *Shudder* I hate needles.


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