Good vs. Bad

It’s half-term. Thank goodness. I know that 7 weeks of school doesn’t sound like a long time, but teaching is exhausting and I couldn’t have been happier to see the back of those 30-odd children on Friday afternoon.

Okay, I realise that probably makes me sound like a bad person. If I am honest, for the most part, they are quite delightful; but there are these moments when I want nothing more than to pull my hair from my head and scream at the top of my voice. My building flu in the last couple weeks of school hasn’t exactly helped, either.

I’m not sure at which point the honeymoon period faded; it might have been the art lesson where two of six tables managed to drop their glasses of dirty paint water on close to all of their school books; or it might have been the P.E. lesson where one of the boys punched a class mate in the jaw so that his mouth bleed for 15 minutes. There are of the countless times that someone in the class has tripped or been pushed or just fallen whilst walking (read: running) up and down the stairs. There is the memorable art lesson which ended with red paint being smeared across my pants on one of the few days where I’d organised drinks after school. There are the eye-rolls, and the shrill voices, and the cursing! My word, I did not even know that sort of language existed when I was eight!

Luckily, after a few days away, all the moments which make me love my job are easier to remember. I love the way they sit with their arms and legs crossed and their fingers on the lips when we ask for silence – especially when merits are on offer. I love the way they greet me in the morning, or say goodbye at the end of the day. I love all the hugs – even the ones which are preceded with a large run up and leave me slightly breathless afterwards. I love the way some of the kids follow me around the playground, playing teacher-teacher, and the way that they laugh when you tickle them. I love the way they call me over in the classroom to see their work – they just get so proud over the simplest achievements.

So yes, the bad times are hard but the good times are even more amazing and luckily last longer. I’ll just hold on to that.